Human Resources

Human Resources

Develop human resources that have an extensive interest in worldwide issues and a desire to improve society as members of global the society, and an abundance of autonomy and willingness to take on new challenges connected to business.

Support employees who aspire to resolve social issues.

The Benesse Group views the quality of human resources as one of the most essential elements supporting a company. The Group has assembled a diverse team of human resources without regard to gender, race, nationality or age, and is working to support the growth of its human resources and develop an environment where they can succeed.

The Benesse Group's operations have grown to span a wide range of business areas, customers and regions, making it increasingly imperative for employees to also put their variety of values and strengths to work. Benesse supports the growth of one of its most valuable assets-self-motivated employees, working to create an environment where they can maximize their potential.


  • 1.Diversity

    • Employees Hired From All Over the World
    • Promoting Active Participation of Women in the Workforce
    • Employment of Workers with Disabilities
  • 2.Human Resources Development

    • Employee Training
    • Program to Raise Leaders for the Next Generation
    • Globalizing Human Resources
    • Initiatives to Strengthen Organizational Capacity to Sustain Business Growth
  • 3.Creating a Vibrant and Pleasant Workplace

    • Work Life Management
    • Occupational Health and Safety Initiatives
    • Operation of the "Speak Up Line" Group Whistleblower Program

Last updated : 2020/10/31