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Creation of Sound Communities in Collaboration with Foundations

Creation of Sound Communities in Collaboration with Foundations

Benesse Holdings contributes to the creation of healthy local communities by promoting modern art and culture in collaboration with the Group's two foundations, Fukutake Foundation and Fukutake Education and Culture Foundation. Since the foundations' activities are financed by dividends from a shareholding representing approximately 7% of Benesse Holdings shares, The company sees stable provision of dividends through sustainable business growth lead to continuous support of communities through the foundations.

In particular, for the past 20 years, Benesse Holdings has worked in the islands of Japan's Seto Inland Sea to build communities through modern art and architecture that enhances the natural beauty and unique culture of the Inland Sea's traditional Japanese setting.

Benesse Art Site Naoshima

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Benesse Art Site Naoshima is the collective name for the art activities that Benesse Holdings, Inc. and the Fukutake Foundation have been carrying out since 1989 on the islands of Naoshima, Teshima, and Inujima in the Seto Inland Sea. Our fundamental aim is to create special places by situating modern art and architecture within the nature and the unique culture of the Seto Inland Sea, a landscape with a powerful cultural and historical resonance.
Through contact with artworks and with the nature, scenery and people of the Seto Inland Sea region, we seek to inspire visitors to consider the meaning of Benesse = "Well-Being."

  • Benesse House /
    Photo: Tadasu Yamamoto
  • Art House Project "Kadoya" /
    Photo: Norihiro Ueno
  • Chichu Art Museum
    Photo: Fujitsuka Mitsumasa
  • Teshima Art Museum /
    Photo: Ken'ichi Suzuki
  • Inujima Seirensho Art Museum/
    Photo: Daici Ano
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The Benesse Group and the Activities of Its Foundations

The Benesse Group and Soichiro Fukutake first established the FUKUTAKE Science & Culture Foundation in 1985, after which they went on to establish four foundations. With the reform of the public interest corporation system, the four foundations were designated as public interest organizations, and from April 1, 2012 they became public interest incorporated associations.

As of October 1, 2012, the FUKUTAKE Science & Culture Foundation, Fukutake Foundation for the Promotion of Regional Culture, and the Naoshima Fukutake Art Museum Foundation were merged to form the "Fukutake Foundation."

Fukutake Foundation

The Fukutake Foundation was reborn in October 2012 as a result of the merger of three foundations. Focusing on the Setouchi and other areas where depopulation has advanced considerably, the foundation aims to achieve vibrant, active and unique regional cultures, collaborating with local governments and organizations to conduct creative, cultural activities centered on local residents. Through these activities, the foundation aims to help build communities.

Chichu Art Museum
Photo: Seiichi Ohsawa

Fukutake Education and Culture Foundation

Founded in 1986, the Fukutake Education Foundation currently supports educational and cultural activities in Okayama Prefecture, as well as international human resources development. By supporting people's "learning," "living," "creation" and "communication," the foundation aims to help build communities in which both children and the elderly can enjoy vibrant, active lives.

The Theatrical Arts Workshop for Schools was held. This program sends theatrical arts performers to schools to nurture the students' creativity and communication skills. Performance held by students at Takeeda Elementary School on Inujima.


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