Human Resource Development

Human Resource Development

The Benesse Group places a premium on training its human resources to achieve both business and personal growth in order to help solve the challenges faced by society and customers and continue to create fresh corporate value in accordance with the Benesse vision.

Human Resource Development Measure

The Benesse Group develops human resources who can create a team that continues to change and grow by demonstrating leadership (a sense of ownership and independence) in an organization that has a thorough customer orientation and trusts each other. I keep doing it. In addition, in order to provide new value, we aim to create a state where everyone can learn and feel growth, and foster a culture of learning culture.

Program to Raise Leaders for the Next Generation

We started the Next Generation Leader Development Program in 2010, focusing on the development of the next generation of top management who will lead the growth of the Group.Starting in FY2018, we started an initiative for consecutive and systematic development for a list of approximately 100 employees to become the next generation of management from each Group company. In addition to implementing this program following the development plans of selected candidates for training, temporary assignment to other organizations, and coaching, we regularly offer opportunities for top management to share information and conduct reviews from a variety of viewpoints.We also established Benesse University and open courses in FY2018 to develop young employees.
Approximately 20 young employees selected from Group companies participate, and the five-month training program consists of lectures by senior managers and external instructors, a training camp on Naoshima island, and action-based learning that attempts to solve actual problems. Participants are trained to become proactive action-takers. By also establishing deeper connections through extensive interactions with each other, the participants establish cooperative working relationships that transcend the boundaries of their individual companies.These training efforts are ongoing, with the third year of the program in FY2020 taken online to prevent COVID-19 infections.Open courses, on the other hand, can be attended by all employees in the Group and are offered each year.
These courses introduce the latest information from around the world on digitalization, AI, EdTech, and more. By offering a place where participants can associate this information with their own tasks, a willingness to grow is stimulated and intrinsic motivation is developed for each participant, leading to the development of a transformative corporate culture.

A Culture of Learning

The Benesse Group aims to have employees actively work with a sense of growth while enjoying the process of increasing the value offered to our customers more than ever before through learning. With the idea of well-being, we are putting effort into developing a corporate learning culture that will lead to a sense of growth among all employees, which in turn will lead to the development of the company and business.

●Offering Learning Opportunities for the Promotion of Digital Transformations

As digitalization rapidly progresses in the education industry, it is important for all employees, including IT-related departments, to learn digital skills and put them into practice.The Benesse Group has created the Digital Innovation Partners initiative to effectively utilize digital personnel both within and outside the company and to promote the digitalization of business. The Group also promotes the "re-skilling" of employees, offering learning to deepen digital knowledge through the introduction of the online Udemy platform within the company and more.

Offering Learning Opportunities for the Promotion of Digital Transformations
Development policy for digital transformation personnel
■ Encouraging employees to understand the organization's strengths, to improve themselves, and to take on challenges
■Preparing training for every job and skill level and developing the program while verifying the benefits
Future Initiatives
Job definition
Defining jobs necessary for Benesse's digital transformation
Skill mapping
Creating a skill map for each job and visualizing required skill levels
Considering objectivity and evaluations on market value, and utilizing outside assessments
Managing through the talent management system
Utilizing Udemy and unique programs that make use of company precedent
※Number of Benesse Corporation employees enrolled in Udemy: 2,065 (93% of employees)
Udemy for Business
Selected as a Digital Transformation Certified Business Operator and Digital Transformation Stocks

●Digital Transformation Certified Business Operator

We were certified as a Digital Transformation Certified Business Operator in May 2021 based on the digital transformation certification system as defined by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry.

Digital Transformation Certification SystemThis is a certification system based on the Act on Partial Revision of the Act on Facilitation of Information Processing that came into effect on May 15, 2020.
With this system, certification is granted based on an application to business operators who understand the policies established by the government and are involved in satisfactory initiatives.


● Digital Transformation Stocks

Our stocks were selected as Digital Transformation Stocks in June 2021 by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) and the Tokyo Stock Exchange (TSE).

Digital Transformation Stocks
Together with TSE and as part of their initiatives to promote the utilization and application of strategic IT in Japanese companies, METI has selected companies that actively utilize and apply IT for innovation in management and improvements in profit standards and productivity to improve medium- to long-term corporate value and strengthen competitiveness as Competitive IT Strategy Companies since Since 2020, they have also selected companies that are drastically innovating their business models on the premise of digital technology and are involved in digital transformations that will lead to new growth and greater competitiveness as Digital Transformation Stocks.For the Digital Transformation Stocks 2021, 28 companies were selected from among the 461 companies that entered (companies responding to the Digital Transformation Survey 2021), and of those, two companies were selected for the Digital Transformation Grand Prix. 

●Offering a Space for Learning Within the Group

The Benesse Group, which offers services in education, nursing care, and many other fields, offers many opportunities for learning for employees in each business.In FY2021, a variety of learning opportunities have been offered within the Group, as we believe that knowledge can be enhanced while sharing spaces for learning because we are a Group that is strongly connected by our philosophy of well-being, even among different industries.

Support for Skill Development and Career Advancement

We have established a variety of systems and opportunities beyond those listed above to support employees' desire for improvement.

●Examples of Support Measures
  • ・Skill development point system: A system to support employees in gaining qualifications and improving their skills for self-development and skill improvement.Financial aid for learning and gaining qualifications (Benesse Corporation)
  • ・Introduction of Udemy, an online learning platform.Unrestricted access to courses (Benesse Corporation)
  • ・Level-based training, including basic business training (Benesse Corporation)
  • ・The Amazing System: an in-house qualification for nursing care expertise, started in October 2019.An allowance for this qualification is paid to employees who earn this expert qualification (177 employees were certified between FY2019 and FY2020) (Benesse Style Care)
●Personal Skill Development and Business Management 

We introduced management support tools to draw out each employee's potential naturally, and have established initiatives for personal skill development and business management. We also implement multidimensional performance appraisals  (360-degree surveys) as initiatives towards improving management quality (Benesse Corporation)

●Group Open Recruitment

We offer opportunities for employees to apply to jobs at each Group company (up to one transfer between companies per year is allowed).The career experience gained by taking on the challenge of a new job while going beyond company borders and working at other companies is seen as an opportunity to contribute to personal growth. Successful applicants are determined through screening and interviews.

Actual Training Fees for Benesse Corporation EmployFisical 
Fiscal 2018
Fiscal 2019
Fiscal 2020
Fiscal 2021
160Million yen 127Million yen 142Million yen 110Million yen ※

※Decreased due to all training online due to the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Last updated : 2021/08/31