Corporate Governance

The CSR in the Benesse Group

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The CSR in the Benesse Group is based on "Creating new social value beginning with our corporate philosophy of 'Benesse = living well.'" Benesse is uniquely positioned to conduct CSR that resolves social issues through business with the support of our numerous stakeholders, centered on three related foundations to "Support the children who will carry the future" and, "Support the creation of good communities centered on education, culture, and art".


Throughout theBenesse Group, we aim to provide better value to society through our business, and create social value through the foundations based on the sustainable growth of our group.
From infancy to senior citizenship, we aim to achieve "Benesse = good living" for each and every individual and become a company group that is essential for our stakeholders.

In addition to this website, you can check details of all our activities on the following individual sites.

Benesse Brighter Future for Children Booster Project 
Fukutake Foundation
Benesse Foundation for Children

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