Education and Childcare

Education and Childcare

Make the future brighter by providing educational support to children, who are our future, and to households, as one of the world's most trusted educational groups.

Provide educational services and opportunities for over 100 million people from children through adults in countries and regions throughout the world, seeking to develop open-minded individuals with the ability to think and act independently.

Having a global perspective and the ability to actively create new value is vital to survival in a rapidly changing society driven by globalization, digitization and other developments. However, some observers have noted that Japanese youth appear introverted while children are showing a declining motivation to learn.
There is also a need for social support of parenting. As the shift to nuclear families and growth in two-career households continues, the parenting obligations of guardians are increasing within households, which must support the education of children who will lead the future.

Turning to a worldwide view, it appears that while economic development may be global, not everyone is reaping the benefits and disparities are growing. One possible way to narrow such gaps is to make primary education much more widespread.

Recognizing these realities, the Benesse Group will drive forward activities to empower children to pioneer the future in Japan and around the world by providing a diverse array of educational opportunities, along with the parenting support that provides the basis for such education.


  • 1.Initiatives Rooted in Business Activities

    • (1)Providing new ways to learn by incorporating digital technology into education

      • Web-based Language Lessons
      • Individualized Web Study Support
    • (2) Global Human Resource Development/Providing High-quality Education Services Worldwide

      • Support for Advancement to Higher Education Overseas to Unlock Possibilities for Junior High School, Senior High School and University Students
      • Nurture Business Leaders on a Global Stage
      • Nurturing Interpreters and Translators in Support of Globalization
      • Globalization of the Education Business
    • (3) Parenting support

      • Providing Reliable Information on Pregnancy, Childbirth, and Parenting
      • Child Research Net (CRN)
      • Operation of Community-Oriented Childcare Centers
  • 2.Initiatives Supporting Business

    • Surveys and Information Distributed by the Benesse Educational Research and Development Institute (BERD)
    • Future Skills Project Research Society
    • Product Safety Measures Based on the Five Core Safety and Security Initiatives
    • Acting on Customer Feedback
    • Action on Information Security
    • External Certifications
    • In-house Initiatives
  • 3.Foundation initiatives

    We are working to support diverse learning opportunities for children, who are the leaders of the future.

Last updated : 2020/03/31