Community / Social Contributions

Community / Social Contributions

As a member of the community and society, work to realize the concept of "Well-Being" on a local level by helping to create sound communities where people live happily with the aim of harmonious coexistence.

Based on its belief that its corporate philosophy, Benesse = "Well-Being," is born out of sound communities, the Benesse Group works to build communities through public interest activities in collaboration with its foundations, and through other activities rooted in the community. In these ways, Benesse works to support the "Well- Being" of our communities.


  • 1.Creation of Sound Communities in Collaboration with Foundations

    • Benesse Art Site Naoshima
    • The Benesse Group and the Activities of Its Foundations
  • 2.Community-Oriented Activities

    • Active Host of Company Visits and Firsthand Work Experiences
    • Benesse Sailing Team Activities
    • Regional Sports Promotion as a Sponsor of Okayama's Fagiano Soccer Team

Last updated : 2020/03/31